Beyond 2001: New Horizons

A celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the 10-year anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the UAL:LCC Archives and Special Collections Centre.


Producing work that offer new perspectives inspired by archive material from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


Exploring the relationship between audio/static image. Connecting the theme of science fiction and the given opportunity to embrace open interpretation from the artists and audience.


Illustration: Lara Pfennigdorff

Sound Design: Tommy Impey

The blocks collapsing from beneath, leading into the traumatic transformation and realisation of the greater knowledge. The warping sounds resonate, weaving in and out in emphasis of the severe discomfort and suffering throughout. At last, the escape to the other side: suspension within the unknown.


This piece focuses on the evolution of human beings as an elevated life form. This transformation wasn’t explicitly depicted in 2001 A Space Odyssey, thus I am my depicting my own interpretation. I imagine the metamorphosis to be a painful and traumatic experience that goes beyond the understanding of the human mind. However, a philosophy known as transhumanism sees humans taking charge of their evolution and transcending their biological limitations via technology.


Lara Pfennigdorff Instagram: @laraleming


Illustration: Omar Hernandez

Sound Design: Tommy Impey

The sequence of haunting sounds swaying on the brink of noise and musicality, illustrating the monolith in a greater form of intelligence. The journey of what was once the lowest form of being, transforming into a beautiful diamond winged creature, like the unfolding of a singular grain of sound toward a grand conclusion.

Humanity has elevated itself to a new level of existence: Star-beings. They gift the monolith with primitive extra-terrestrial life.


Once passed on to humans, the monolith will help evolve particular entities, their understanding of Nature and it’s connection to new technology.

Omar Hernandez Instagram: @ohmega_supreme


A collaboration with the Siobhan Davis dance company.

A conceptual piece combining human and non-human movement, involving myself as the Sound Designer in collaboration with Illustrators & Dancers.


Groups of social animals, their collective behaviour and their patterns of movement. In particular, a murmuration of starlings and how their ever-changing pattern of movement consists of simultaneously turning as their neighbour turns, and how grouping together offers safety in numbers. We drew a parallel between the collective behaviour between these social animals and humans. As with starlings, crowds of people also offer safety in numbers. 

However, the difference is that there is a need for hierarchy within groups of people, as opposed to animals instinctively working together as one entity.

The Installation consisted of several layers of tulle fabric suspended from the ceiling, and a projected image overlaid onto the fabric. The projected image becomes more blurred and distorted as it passes through each layer.


© 2020 Tommy Impey

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