Game projects I have designed and implemented audio for.


Playable builds of these projects can be downloaded from here.

Please note that these builds are only functional on Mac OS.

Follow: An Audio Lead Game

Follow: An Audio Lead Game
Wavey The Rocket

Role: Sound Designer

Sound Implemented via a Custom Unity Audio Engine

Sound Designed in Logic X, Reaper, Elektron Octatrack

Wavey the Rocket is the fast paced, side-scrolling arcade game from Upper Room Games. This is my first published console title, released 7th May 2020, consoles forthcoming later this year.

Please see video above for a showcase of sounds designed by me.

(Please note that game music is muted to showcase sound design)

See Steam page here

I am responsible for designing sound for game assets, which include: Character Movement, Obstacle Sounds, Feedback Sounds and UI/Interfaces.  

Working closely with the developers has allowed me to learn the process of preparing high-quality assets ready for implementation. This has greatly developed my ability to thematically design sounds to suit the games style, whilst simultaneously conveying the developers vision.

Environment built in Unity 3D

Sound Implemented via FMOD & Unity Audio Engine

Sound Designed in Logic X

BA Sound Art & Design final project - All Sound and Game Design by Tommy Impey


This 3D video game is an investigation into the function of adaptive and interactive audio, involving the application of composing music within the restrains of musical compositional structures or “forms”.


These forms consist of individual layers that musically support each other, that can be triggered in game by the player through navigating around the map and/or completing objectives in the game. This game explores how, by using ‘Parallel’, ‘Ornamental/Transitional’ compositional forms in mind, can be effective in providing the player with information to support progression, navigation around the experience and emotional encouragement. By deconstructing and adapting a musical composition, the game soundtrack develops with as the player progresses.

FOTA: VR Project

Environment built in Unity 3D

Sound Implemented in Unity Audio Engine

Sound Recorded with Zoom H4N

Sound Designed in Logic X

Exploring Spatial Audio in VR

Sound Design & Implementation by Tommy Impey.

A showcase of two levels from the virtual reality horror game ‘FOTA’. This game explores the functions of spacialised audio to assist in the immersive presence-inducing functions of virtual reality. Through research based around the theories of ‘presence’, the audio explores how the auditory stimuli can be applied to elicit a perceptual illusion of immersion in a virtual environment.

On the night of the summer solstice, a young Ukrainian girl searches the dense forest in search of a magical Fern. She must confront the ‘unknown’ to get out alive. There is a legend that during the night of the summer solstice, fern flowers bloom and whoever may find them will be able to see treasures under the ground and know the language of animals and birds.

Everyone knows the legend, but not all are brave enough to search the dark forest.

Functional Technics 1210 Turntable

Environment built in Unity 3D

Sound Implemented in Unity Audio Engine

Functional Technics 1210 turntable, rigged for animation.

Animation & Sound by Tommy Impey

A short experience built as a promotional tool for the first release on my label Ghost Notes Worldwide. Functions of the turntable include: On/Off Switch, Start/Stop Button, Pop up light, Functional tone arm, 33 1/3 & 45 RPM switch


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